BGB6000 is an Gasoline Power Generator Form BORMANN PRO.

Made of high quality materials providing durability and long-lasting performance.

All parts of the chassis are assembled via robotic welding processes providing stability and endurance.

Indestructible fuel tank; the fuel tank is made of ST14 steel, giving the ability to withstand 100kg of weight force without getting deformed.

This powerful 420cc four stroke OHV generator is capable of providing reliable power to a wide range of appliances and electric tools and machines.

The generator is equipped with a dedicated electric starter and a matched battery specially designed to crank up the engine at a glance.

Main features and specs:

  • Continuous Power: 5Kw/22Α , Maximum Power : 5.5Kw
  • Outlet 2x16A schuko , 1x32A CEE Plug , 1xDC12V
  • High-efficiency AVR for maintaining the generator’s output terminal voltage at a set value as the generator load or operating temperature changes.
  • BGB6000 is equipped with a pure – copper winded coil ensuring extended lifespan, continuous power and cost effective operation.
  • Environmental-friendly and noiseless operation; the generator’s low noise and exhaust emissions satisfy Euro 5 classification standards, complying with the relevant European Regulations.
  • Two heavy duty wheels make carrying an easy task even through uneven terrain.

Technical Data

  • Max. Output
  • Voltage
  • Displacement
  • Noise
  • Engine
  • Weight
  • Sockets
  • Article No
  • EAN Code


  • 5.5kW
  • 230V/50Hz
  • 420cm³
  • 76 dB
  • 4-stroke, air cooled OHV
  • 78kg
  • 2x16A schuko,1x32A CEE,1xDC12V
  • 034438
  • 5205909034438

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