Bormann is a company introducing easy to operate tools for DIY enthousiasts and Craftsmen. Bormann Tools brand was founded in 2000. It’s name represents the restless man who keeps digging and stirring things up. The BOR(E)MANN in German language means that man.

Bormann is today one of the fastest growing business ready to conquer the world. Offering a wide range of value for money power and battery tools, aims to provide the pleasure of using a fine power tool for the enthusiasts all over the world.

Our quality control team is constantly working to improve Design, Functionality and Durability of all BORMANN products. This way we ensure our products quality and minimize any potential flaws. All our tools meet the applicable Regulations and Standards with reliable products as a result. We always believed that a satisfied user is the best advertisement for our tools performance and endurance.

Here at BORMANN we are not only offering the right tools, but we also provide the Service for them. It has always been very important for us to invest in after sales service. Our technical team is continually improving their skills through frequent trainings, so that they can achieve a high level of experience in the servicing process.

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible tool for the money paid. BORMANN provide tools with top performance level at the right price. This is the reason we are rapidly developing and acquiring higher market shares every year in all countries we are present.

We at BORMANN are not waiting…we create the business today, by heavily investing in marketing and quality for all our products.

Become a BOR(E)MANN today!