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BHT1620 is a 12-piece Multi-Function Tool Blades Set From BORMANN PRO.

It includes:

  • 2pcs 58CRV 34.1×0.66 18T Straight Blade (Milling)
  • 2pcs 58CRV 34.1×0.66 14T Straight Blade (Grinding)
  • 2pcs BIM (M4+D6A) 34.1×0.8 18T Straight Blade (Milling)
  • 1pc BIM (M4+D6A) 44x50x0.8 18T Straight Blade (Milling)
  • 1pc 58CRV 68×0.66 18T Straight Blade (Milling)
  • 1pc 65Mn Φ87×0.50 18T Segment Blade (Milling)
  • 1pc BIM (M4+D6A) Φ87×0.65 18T Segment Blade (Milling)
  • 1pc 58CRV 51.7×0.66 Scraper
  • 1pc 58CRV 51.7×1.0 Scraper
  • 1pc Carbide Φ64 Segment Blade G50-60
  • 1pc Carbide 80x80x80mm Triangle Blade G30-40
  • 1pc 80x80x80mm Sanding Pad
  • 10pcs 80x80x80mm Sanding Paper G60/80/120/180/240 (2pcs Each)
  • 1pc Black Gasket

Technical Data

  • No of Pieces
  • Article No
  • EAN Code


  • 12
  • 035497
  • 5205909035497

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